The legal background of the operation of solar power plants in Romania are the EU Directive 2009/28/CE based on legislation 220/2008, 139/2010 and 88/2011 and Government Emergency Ordinance 343/2011 government decree.


The local electricity supplier issues permission to connect to the electricity grid depending on the current capacity of the line. Legislation requires the electricity supplier to issue licencing within 30 days. After the plant is deployed there are additional licences required before feed in can be commenced.


  • Green certifications (CV) system
  • The produced energy can be sold on the exchange
  • 3 CV / MWh of solar energy produced
  • 27-57EUR/CV guaranteed sale price adjusted with EU-27 avg. inflation
  • 15 year guarantee for the scheme
  • The share of renewable energy should reach 20% by 2020